Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Blue Cow and the Black Dog

The air near my house is almost perpetually a haze of smoke. The Great Dismal Swamp has been on fire since early in the month and burned over 6,000 acres. Even when it rains as it has every afternoon since Saturday the smokey smell never leaves.

I don't have health problems(other than a broken leg and a severe case of crazy) but my elderly neighbors do and I worry about them. I also worry about Seneca. I haven't heard her coughing, thank all things above, but as the reigning drama queen I'm keeping a watchful eye on her.

Sooo the broken leg saga continues. After my last visit where the surgeon basically said start moving on it, I very carefully started putting more and more weight on my leg. And....it doesn't hurt. Or rather not much, there are days, some worse than others, where it aches, or the swelling is bad at the end of the day. But I can walk without cruches in and out of my air cast now. Although out of my air cast its a more Igor-like sliding, limping walk, and in the cast its a more straight forward limp. 

I have another check-up in about two weeks, so we'll see what we see on the x-ray.  I don't think I'm crutch free yet, for long distances I take them, but for short jaunts I go crutchless. And I only walk with the air cast off when I'm in the house, anything else is taking my life in my own hands if my husband catches me.

Horsey things.  My mare is the fattest creature on the planet. I hadn't gotten a real good look at her until this past week, and my God she is HUGE!  I cut her grain back because el piggo obviously is doing just fine. I'm hoping to have my trainer come start riding her in September.

And in other more exciting news I will be meeting the new puppy, his siblings, mommy and breeders this weekend. Soooooo excited. He won't be coming home with me until the end of September/beginning of October, but I am sooo sooo excited.  I'll put pictures up when I have them.

Until then, gallop on!