Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Record

Honestly I haven't ridden in awhile. The weather just would not cooperate, work wouldn't relent and once or twice I admit I was too tired or stressed to want to. I'm also limited by the fact that I will not ride if I am home alone.  If I learned nothing else from my accident last year it was that if my husband hadn't been home, hadn't been outside and seen the accident I don't know what I would have done because I didn't have my cellphone on me that evening.

So finally I got to ride this afternoon. Super hubs got off work and we loaded up to go over to the park thats about twenty minutes away.  This would also be a test of the new loading routine I had been working on with the High Queen.

We parked near the round pen at the park as Super hubs wanted to give the Spotted Beast some training before saddling him up.  I decided to do loading practice and had the mare-beast loaded and unloaded three times in less then ten minutes.

Then super hubs and I saddled up. I hopped over the baby xc jumps while super hubs wandered quietly between the fences. After we took a mini-trailride and then came back.  When we came back I did some more cantering, yes CANTERING! over the xc jumps. Even a full mini-xc course.  It was AWESOME!  Yes the jumps were little baby jumps, but it was a big step for us, HUGE step.

Then after I got back to the trailer and untacked it took me less then five minutes to reload Seneca in to the trailer. HOLY CRAP! That is a freaking RECORD! I haven't gotten her to load that quickly in almost a year.

So two great things, we cantered around the baby xc course, and loaded with only small hesitations, and in less then five minutes.  VICTORY IS MINE!!!