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This page is dedicated to reviewing fiction and non-fiction equestrian themed books

Summer Circuit by Kim Ablon Whitney (Coming Soon I'm still reading it)
Eventers Dream by Caroline Aknill (Coming Soon it's on my must read list)

Share and Share Alike by Hannah Hooton:

I got the digital version of this book a few months ago and my only regret was not being able to read it fast enough.  Between work and all those other things that get in the way it took me this long to finally finish the book.  So here goes with my review of Share and Share Alike.  The equestrian details are on point(a rarity in some equestrian fiction) and I found everything believable and likeable.  The main character was engaging and the story flowed really well. In its purest form this is a horse racing mystery and it was a great one.  But the added icing on the cake is a romance swirled in like the perfect cappuchino!  Find more information about this book and others by Hannah Hooton.


Ambition by Natalie Keller Reinert

This is one of the few eventing based fiction novels I've come across that wasn't either for middle school girls or the details weren't anywhere near believable. But this book was truly a gem of a find. It's a story about a young up and coming eventer but her life isn't perfect and the struggles she faces are the same as any eventer trying to make it as a young professional.  The main character is a flawed but likeable person with grit and determination. I truly found this a great read.

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