Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Spy

I spy with my little eye a sound looking Mare-Beast!  It is looking like the gamble I made of going with the joint injection rather than doing the blocks to identify the problem paid off and Seneca looks sound. I say looks because I have only been able to observe her as she moves around in the pasture. Weather and work have endeavored to keep me from riding.

I would like to say that I was going to get on her today but... I'm tired, exhausted even. This past week at work was one of the most stressful I've experienced there. I have been working towards getting a specific qualification for over six months and I finally got to the end and earned it on Thursday.  So I would love to say I am going to go get on my horse right this minute, but I'd rather watch her grazing and just let it go with hope that it won't rain on Monday so I can ride then.

I swear though the minute I finished that qual things in my life began looking up a little. Because I was doing research on the net and found a schooling horse trial that is within an exceptable distance, and far enough away that I can get Seneca fit for it!  Woo Hooo!

So now all I have to do is make sure that the truck is in working order, and *sigh* work on the High Queen's trailer loading. Because when I tried to reload her at Erin's she refused. For two days.  *loud teeth grinding*  I ended up having to walk her home. Four miles!  Past horse eating demon cows!

Those cows are evil! As we walking past them, the High Queen was already freaked, but the damn things started running down the fence so that it appeared to Seneca as if they were chasing her.  At which point she body checked me, jumped the massive ditch(a xc obsticle that we will never have a problem with I see.) and took me with her as I was still holding the end of the leadline.

So here we are at the begining of a whole new eventing season. And we have so far to go. We're both not fit, the truck has a transmission issue, and the weather is still crappy.  Soo the same as last year except the truck was still okay then. Eh, we'll get there.

Keep it between the flags everyone!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Seneca's Vet Holiday

Today was the big day! Yesterday saw better weather and I drove over to Erin's early to set up Seneca's  vacation suite.  The shavings didn't end up being what I wanted at all. Last time I got shavings the flakes were too big, and this time they were too small, more like sawdust so I felt a little bit like Goldie Locks trying to find the perfect happy medium that comes in a plastic bag which is better for keeping them dry during transport.

But other than that everything went according to plan and later in the day super hubs hooked up the trailer and then I got Seneca out gave her a bit of a grooming, can't have her going off on vacation looking like a muddy wreck. Loading as always was a bit of an exercise in patience. She didn't want to get in at the first or second presentation at which she got backed up until she changed her mind.

Then it was down to Erin's we went.  Seneca was very up when she got off the trailer, staring wide eyed, flared nose at everything.  In to her stall she went after super hubs and Erin fixed the sticky dutch door so that Seneca could see the other horses outside.   After she was settled in super hubs and I went home where Cowboy was still pacing and throwing a temper tantrum, which he is still doing sporadically.

This morning just as I was leaving my house to go over to Erin's the vet's scheduler called and asked if the vet could come early. YES! I love when the vet is early, and lets me know. So very quickly I got down to Erin's, cleaned the High Queen's stall, and then took her out for a bit of a walk before the vet showed up.

Seneca got clipped, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed and then the needle. All of this of course was after the sedative kicked in which was sooo quick!  All the while Dr. R. is talking me through the whole procedure, which is great because then I understand exactly what is going on, and what problems I should look for.  Afterwards, my very sleepy pony got put back in her stall where I promptly took all her hay away and left her sulking about that while I chatted with Dr. R and paid the bill which was just at 300$ so not that bad.

I hung out with Seneca until I felt like the sedative was gone, gave her back her hay, gave her a pet and a kiss then left her to spend her day munching hay and watching the horses out in the pasture beyond her window.

Later today I'll go back down and feed Seneca her evening food, laced with bute for her comfort. Tomorrow afternoon she'll come home, although I'll keep her seperated from Cowboy for a day or two. Then business as usual, and hopefully in a week I'll be able to start riding her again!

Oh and before I forget a little humor for the day.  My friend Erin has a wandering flock of chickens of which there are a couple of different breeds of chicken.  This is to include some Rhode Island Reds.  These if you don't know are kind of assertive, curious and sometimes aggresive.  While the vet was getting her joint injection kit together and had all her equipment bays open this one Red jumped up in to the wheel well on top of the front tire. Then when it was done inspecting the tire it jumped in to the open equipment bays.  I tried to grab the naughty thing and it jumped further in and flitted around until I was finally able to get it out. We ended up closing all the bays to keep the cheeky chicken out of the equipment.

So until next time keep it between the flags everybody!