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Tredstep Ireland Pure Air Cool Socks:

So I have an absolute obsession with boot socks. I spend about 80% of my day in military boot socks(sometimes subbing a pair of my black equestrian socks when all my others are in the laundry) so to say that I am a bit picky about my socks is an understatement.  For the longest time I was in love and still have three pairs of Tally Ho socks.  But not long ago I was cruising my local tack store and happened upon a pair of the pale violet Tredstep Ireland Pure Air Cool Socks.  Before I could stop my inner tack and gear hoarder they were in my hand and I was at the register.  Now I love my Tally Ho's but they have become hard to find. So I decided why not give these pretty things a try.  I am now utterly in love with the Tredsteps.  I have washed them several times and they haven't lost their color, their shape or shrunk.  And having endured already two horrendously hot and humid riding sessions along with the cooler ones I am ecstatic to say my feet remained cool and dry!  They also have the right amount of cushion in the toes and heels so that I don't feel like I'm wearing panty hose in my boots or that my feet are being squished from too much material.  Another bonus for those of you who are directionaly challenged like myself the toes are marked L and R for each respective foot. I give these socks a Blue Ribbon!

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