Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Forward, Future, Freak Out

While the past week has been warm and mostly dry I haven't been able to enjoy it which only makes me think dark, angry things about this job I used to love, and now...now not so much.  Having the job issue only compounded with the lame horse issue does not make me a happy camper.

Seneca looks sound-ish, but she is not her usual self. She's not chasing or racing Cowboy, she's not engaging in play like she usually would when Cowboy gets wound up and wants to play halter tag. Don't get me wrong, she's eating, drinking, and doing normal horsey things, but she isn't her sassy, bossy self. Which means even if she isn't limping, she's hurting.   The vet will be back out in a few weeks to do another round, but this will be it, if we can't find the cause then I will let Seneca retire to being a pasture ornament.

So is there a new member of Eventing at Midnight in the near future?  I'd love to say yes, and my cyber stalking of all horse sale websites would also love to say yes. But the answer right now is most likely not. There are a lot of things standing in the way, namely the truck's transmission. Because without the truck I wouldn't be able to compete much less pick up a new horse. So that's first on the long list of needs.

Then there is the other thing. My detailer(guy in the Navy who helps you find your next duty station) came up (FINALL!) with three billets(job openings). Two of them I'd take in a heart beat no questions asked. The third is well third for a reason. I don't particularly want that job, but I'd take it if it is the last ticket to freedom away from my current duty station. And it might come down to that.  If I have to take this third option I'll be gone for six months almost right off the bat and won't be back home until late fall.  There goes the entire eventing season, and the hunter/jumper/dressage season as well.  So while I'd love to do some serious horse shopping right this minute it wouldn't be fair to either me, the new horse, or super hubs(who will be holding down the farm in my absence) to bring new horsey home only to abandon him or her.

But there is one small bright spot in all this mess. I sucked down all my fear, fluffed up all my courage and started riding the Spotted Beast again.  I have made it pretty clear, that while he is lovely to look at, and a gorgeous mover, and yes spotted boy can jump, I don't care to ride him.  He's got that stubborn Appy streak, and he's reared up with me a couple of times when he got bored(not a plus in my book)  But I need something to ride, and he's right there. In his defense Cowboy does have one skill Seneca lacks.  He will pretty much load on the trailer every single time as long as the proper edible bribary is offered.

So Cowboy and I are trying to hash out a respectable relationship in which he does what I ask without giving me too much fuss. We'll see where this goes. Maybe if we can get the truck transmission soon I can take him to a couple of shows, and who knows if I get job 1 or 2 I might actually get to take Cowboy to a horse trial or two in the fall.

So keep looking forward and keep it between the flags everybody.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here

Yesterday started my three days off. Three days in which it was going to be 80 degrees and dry.  So we started with a few laps of walking, then 8 minutes of trotting in one direction, 5 minutes of walk, 8 minutes of trotting in the other direction then another 5 minutes of walk.  All was going well, so I did one lap of canter in each direction.  Still all was good.

So we jumped a little, her working on being easy to and from the jumps, me working on getting up off her back a bit and being soft with my hands.  It wasn't perfect but she was manageble.

Then I got up this morning to feed and it had all gone to hell over night. Seneca was off again on the same right rear leg. Insert screaming and banging of my head against a wall here.

So we are back to square one. I have lots of options but none of them I really want to think about too hard right now.  I could have the vet come back out to the tune of another 300$.  I could give her more time off, do flat work only and see if she stays sound with no jumping.  I could just agree in my head and heart to retire her, at which point I will be doing one of two things. I could get a project horse put time, money and training in to it then sell it for a decent profit so I can possibly by the packer event horse I should have.  Or I could roll the dice on another OTTB again.

I'm just not ready to make these choices yet. I'm thinking May is when I'll make the hard choices. Until then I will try to get the Spotted Beast going and content myself with competing him.

Keep it between the flags everyone.