Monday, April 3, 2017

Worth It

Early this past Saturday morning I went about the usual things I have to do before getting on the road with horse in tow. I fed, let the ducks out, packed the trailer will all my mountains of stuff.  Seriously, why do have so much stuff? *cough, tack shops, cough* Tack shops are so evil!

Superhubs backed the truck up for me, I'm still trying to learn this one, but I did do the rest of the hooking up all by myself!  Then Superhubs went back in to the house to wrangle the baby.  I had my own toddler to wrangle as Fox decided, even though he'd been leaping in to the trailer for the last three weeks, that today he didn't particularly want to get in.  *Sigh*  Twenty minutes later he was happily loaded and eating hay.

We finally got on the road about a half hour after I wanted to be but we were going! I'd had to reschedule this lesson twice already, for good reasons, but still I had been looking forward to a lesson with my new dressage coach since early February!

Traffic was ugly in places, thankfully Superhubs was driving.  I tend to yell obscenities at the other drivers when I drive.  Superhubs on the other hand is usually more passive aggressive.  He just flips on the truly blinding light bar on the front of the truck.

After what felt like forever we were finally able to pull in to Sprieser Sporthorses! Absolutely gorgeous place! Superhubs trekked off to show Fox's coggins and with the baby napping in the truck I unloaded the red pony and tacked up in a hurry since we were already a few minutes late.  Evil freaking traffic!  Thankfully he was clean and I just need to pick his feet and brush him down a little.  Boots on, tack on, rider's gear on away we went to walk through the big barn to the gloriously HUGE indoor.  Seriously I felt like I was walking in to indoor arena heaven.  It's the biggest one I've ever seen at a private farm.

Then we proceeded to have our butts kicked by my new coach.  But I wanted that, we NEEDED that in a big way.  She was upbeat, positive, told me lots of good things but also hammered home the fact that I had been letting Fox be a lazy slug, therefore he had decided that was a good place to be.  I don't think Fox has ever trotted so fast in his life!  Our rides from now on will be a lot different that is for sure.  More forward, more forward, FORWARD!

My current goal is to be able to do the Training Level 1 and 2 tests by June and go to the big dressage show with my new coach and team at Virginia Summer Dressage which is going down in mid-June.

If we can get there, with a publically acceptable canter transition, then in the fall I'm going to try and tackle a low level horse trial at the Carolina Horse Park.  We shall see.

Keep it between the flags everyone!