Thursday, May 16, 2013

Patience is a Gift

And I don't have it. Patience I mean. In some areas yes, but when it comes to shopping, or wanting things, I have no patience. I want what I want and I want it right NOW. My husband is the same way. We often end up giving each other small goofy gifts at Christmas because we've already given each other really big gifts throughout the year. As evidenced by the new lawn tractor he just bought me out of the blue. Damn that man, he's one upped me right before his birthday.

One year I got a new puppy, a horse trailer and a four wheeler all within a six month span. I can't even recall what I got for Christmas that year. So here is my dilema. I want to be able to ride with my husband, which means getting another trail horse. But every time I do the cyber horse stalking thing I want something tall, able to jump, and do trails.  In my heart I'm still looking for that low level event horse even though my head says stop.  I could get a trail horse, but I guarantee that I'd be trying to teach it to jump within a month.

But if I wait, if I save up my pennies(a lot of them) I could get something really great. So what's my dream, that I'm trying to learn the patience enough to wait for?  I love all things Irish. Super hubs swears I was an Irish potatoe/horse farmer in a past life. I want an Irish Draught.  I want something built for sport, but not bred to race. I want something safe, sound and honest that doesn't even know the meaning of the word buck, bolt, or rear. But Irish Draughts are not cheap. Even the not so well bred ones are pretty expensive.

But I've learned if you want something bad enough you can find a way. I want. So here's to the Irish Draught Dream fund! Love all around and keep it between the flags, wether they be Irish, American, or Eventing!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Every Day Sweetness

So today is bitter sweet for me. I finally got my head and heart to agree and said out loud, that I was retiring Seneca to non-riding horse status. I didn't want to but I wasn't sure what another vet visit would accomplish except more vet visits that may or may not get to the bottom of Seneca's lameness issue.  So she is now officially and ornament/babysitter/grooming therapy horse. 

Meaning when I feel like talking to a great listener I go out and groom her, or rub her, or love on her like do every time I go out to feed her. I pour her feed in to her pan, give Cowboy his so he will stop circling like a shark, then come back to her, give her a hug, rub her neck, scratch her withers, then give her ears a last rub before leaving her to eat in peace. She'll have a home with me until it's time to let go, but now her only job is to listen to me whine about work and look pretty.

And she does, look pretty I mean.  It strikes me at the oddest moments that she is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever owned. She may be just a bay with a bit of white, but her classice thoroughbred head, and long graceful neck strke me to the heart.  Like when I came home from work the other night and couldn't see my two four foots hanging out under the trees so I went to the fence and called them.  Seneca came out from around the corner of the view blocking shed and just looking at her profile trimmed in moonlight. My heart lifted just looking at her.

So what does that mean for me? New event horse? Well, yes but not anytime soon. I really need a packer and they are way out of my price range right now. And I'm not ready to try my hand with another OTTB just yet. Sooooo Cowboy is it. He does have all the makings of a good event horse, and as much as I hate the thought of starting another greenie he's what I have.  I will be looking for an uncomplicated trail horse so super hubs and I can continue to ride togther.

Which brings me around to the job issue. So I'm not going to Japan, or Italy, or anywhere far away. And the ship I thought I might get assigned to thankfully was given to someone else. I am going to a unit right around here and it's deployment schedule which I don't know yet hopefully won't be taking me anywhere this summer or fall. Because the plan is for me to take lessons on Cowboy so he and I can get comfortable with each other and maybe event him at Starter level events in the fall.

So that is where I am right now.  Keep it between the flags everyone...