Monday, November 12, 2012

Learning to Love the Impossible

The High Queen? Not so sound after all. Yesterday I was moving the horses from one pasture to another and they took it in to their heads it was a grand time to run about, flail their legs at the sky, and race around like freaks.  Which was beautiful to watch, and my mare looked completely sound. Until she stopped. Then she walked off with a sharper hitch than usual .  I am heaving a heavy sigh in my head right now.

I still need to get the vet out and haven't been able to. From experience I know the kind of vet visit that Seneca needs is around $500.  Which is something I can't afford to do right now. I feel guilty, like it makes me some sort of bad horse owner. But she doesn't look like she's in pain, and I still have more hay to buy, plus Cowboy could really use a new winter blanket and a dozen other things.  So the visit from Dr. Doom will have to wait.

So what do I do when the horse I love is unrideable and the horse I have to ride is rideable but not loveable? I'm not saying Cowboy isn't a nice horse. He is, and a far better mover than the Queen herself, but frankly Cowboy is not my cup of tea. He has a bit of an attitude problem on top of an extreme lack of patience. As in when he gets bored he rears up, when he gets frustrated he rears up.  Not exactly fun.

But I am pretty much out of choices. I don't have the money or the pasture right now for a third horse, and the only lesson barns in my area are *shudder* hunter barns.  So I'm stuck. Either learn to live with riding the Spotted Beast, or I don't get to ride.

My husband asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas this year. Top of the list a vet visit for the High Queen.

Keep it between the flags everyone.