Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All the Happy Things

It's been almost a month since my last post and there have been so many things going on. Some very happy, others sad and scarey.  So lets start with the bad and move to the happy.

I found out in early August, about the time I started walking again that my dad has cancer. He had surgery and they thought they got it all, but not so. He'll have to have surgery again and hopefully then he'll be okay.

My job has been really stressful. There are just so many friggin things I have to get done and I just never seem to find the time for all of it. I feel like I'm getting no where. And then there is this person I work with. They have a superiority complex which they like to try and throw on me.  Not cool.

Lets move on to the happy.  We picked up our new puppy this past weekend.  He will never fill the hole that Jasper left, no dog could, but he is sooo beautiful.  He is his own little doggy person with a totally different personality than Jasper.  Our Golden Retriever who had been soo lonely is so much happier, and has stopped trying to crawl in to our laps everytime there is a thunder storm.

More happy. I am almost walking normally.  I'm still a long way from being completely healed but I can drive myself, and do almost everything that I had before I broke my leg. I haven't started riding yet, that is probably another month off.

The Best Happy.  I was so happy today that I almost cried. I had finished mowing, had spent some time with the puppy and wanted to spend some quality time with the High Queen.  A few weeks ago I finally ditched the ugly two horse straight that I hated and bought a big three horse Exiss slant.  Today for the first time I got the High Queen to walk in with a minimum of fuss.  She got alllll the way in and stayed until I asked her to back out.  I swear there were tears in my eyes.

It has been over a year of arguing, renting, or borrowing so many trailers you wouldn't believe it, and then finally getting the new trailer. I'd gotten the Queen half way in several times, all the way in once when I had Cowboy in the first stall, but she backed quickly off.

Today, I win. 

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