Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flying Spots

And so it started as a nice laid back kind of outing. Super hubs and I loaded Cowboy on to the trailer and drove over to the farm around the corner where the trial was going on. It was raining, threatening to storm, but like the true eventers we weren't about to let a little rain stop us.

Cowboy unloaded all high headed and snorty then settled a bit to just giving all the other horses the hairy eyeball. We led him around until he had seemed to calm down and then I tacked him up(in his western gear thank the horse Gods for that insight).

I rode over to where the dressage and sj warm-up was going on talked with a new eventing buddy who was just starting out in the sport and a couple of other higher level eventers that I hang with at events. Cowboy behaved himself for the most part, at least he did in the beginning.  But somewhere around the 15 to 20 minute mark of walking in slow circles and me watching the dressage tests going on Cowboy decided he wanted to either go back to the trailer or go hang with super hubs who was playing with his iPhone outside the warm-up area.

This is where the temper tantrums ensued. And I don't mean Cowboy tossed his head and gave a little jiggy hop. No, no this was a full on throw his head in the air, rear up on his hindlegs doing his best impression of Silver from the Lone Ranger.  Not once, not twice, but three times within a ten minute span.

Me thinks the Spotted Beast needs to learn patience and lose the 'tude. And he needs to get worked more. Rebellious beast needs a job, something more than my husband just walking him around. 

After the third tantrum I made Cowboy walk a circle and then I got off.  My ankle was already hurting and I was there for fun and to watch my friend's first foray in to eventing not to deal with the Pony-attitude-palooza.  I know, I know, bad horse mommy.  I should have worked his spotted butt until he was too tired to rebel but I just didn't have it in me last night.

The western tack was what saved my butt. If I had tacked him up in my english gear I know with absolute certainty that I would have ended up on the ground. On the upside I got to show off to my watching friends what great stick-ability I have!

Keep it between the flags everyone!

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