Sunday, June 30, 2013

All the Other Stuff

Because I let so much time lapse between my first lesson and now I felt two posts were needed.   So first off I am finally, FINALLY free of my previous command. I checked out last Tuesday, handed in my security badge and happily skipped away from the prison I've lived in for the last three years.

Thursday I got to mark something off my exciting adventure list.  Superhubs, my two inlaws and myself went white water rafting in central Virginia.  Along with a fabulous lunch of duck proscitto at a great resturante called Galley.  Afterword we all wandered through a lovely antique shop that had a shop cat that had the most gorgeous celadon green eyes I'd ever seen.

I also got to meet, along with all the wonderful staff at Riverside Outfitters, the most well behaved Labrador I'd ever met.  My older sister has two, one is a holy terror(think Marley x10) and the other is fairly well behaved. But Dandy was truly a wonderful dog, and if all Labs were like her I'd have one.

Then I had a blast traversing the James River in a big blue raft, stopping half way through on a rocky outcropping for cold water and trail mix.

And next we all moved on to begining to put the new front porch on my house that I have been harassing super hubs about for years.  But with all the man power available he couldn't say no.  It will probably take us another couple of weeks to get it completely done as we both have to go back to work next week.

Then came the High Queen.  GRRRRRRRR!  I went out to feed her yesterday morning and she was not only her usual hitchy self in the back, but now she had a new limp in the front.  I checked her all over but found nothing.  SIGH.  So I separated her from Cowboy, making them graze in different pastures. Then by using a bit of temporary fencing I created a small paddock connected to the run-in-shed. I had to hope that the High Queen would stay within the paddock and not bulldoze her way out.  Apparently she likes being near Cowboy, but having her own separate area and stayed within her domain.

I also went to a Gary Allan concert last night.  LOVE HIM! And the best part of the evening, other than sitting with super hubs, was hearing Gary Allan sing Smoke Rings in the Dark, one of my all time favorite songs.

And let me just say I LOVE Craigslist.  Yeah there is a lot of crap on their, and some sketchy people. But when you can buy several thousand dollars worth of wood fencing for a 100$ you know that there are some great deals to be had.  I might even get a barn out of it.  The woman we are getting the fencing from sold her house, and the new owner doesn't have horses and wants all the fencing gone.  I asked about the barn and the old owner is checking to see if the new owner wants it.  It's just a pretty one stall barn with a tack area, a loft to store hay, and a nice overhang for shade.  I wannnnnt it so bad. Especially since the High Queen keeps trying to damage herself.

This week I will check in to my new command. I'm hopeful that I will regain all the joy I used to have in my job.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay between the flags. 

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