Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Old and the New

Spring has finally arrived! I feel like it's safe to put my winter clothes away and dig out the summer duds. More often than not I can do the evening feeds in shorts and a t-shirt! We've even had to turn the air conditioning on a few times.  Thank you Mother Nature! Every year I grow more and more to hate the winter and the cold.  If I had easier access to a climate controlled indoor I'd probably hate it less but that's not going to happen any time soon. 

So what's been happening at Eventing at Midnight?  Let's see, Superhubs and I finally found an economical sun shelter for the side pastures. Seneca aka Spookzilla is still skeptical of it but the boys ate breakfast under it since it was pouring rain from Tropical Depression Ana.  Fox racked up an ungodly amount of money for hoof care due to new shoes and what I believe might have been a bruise.  I'm hoping that's what it is and he's healing from it since we are supposed to go XC schooling this weekend.  If Fox isn't sound for it my only options are going but not riding and taking Cowboy.  Neither option fills me with a whole lot of joy.  But as of last night Fox was acting his normal self and when he spooked at the new shelter and trotted off he looked sound but only the lunge line will tell for sure.

Fox is almost completely shed out of his winter coat in to a golden-ish chestnut with black, white and darker chestnut spots.  I swear he's trying to become an Appaloosa and I am pretty sure he didn't have as many spots last year. The other two horses are lagging in the shedding department but another couple weeks and they will be just as sleek as Fox.

Vet was out for the semi-annual visit and everyone got a clean bill of health and shiny new coggins for the year.  I managed to watch most of Rolex via the internet and cheered for Sparrow's Nio as he completed his first 4 Star.  That pony is super cute. 

And the ducks have grown by leaps and bounds.  They are huge at this point and their adult feathers are starting to come in.  I also decided on a new goal but its a long term one since I don't know when we'll be able to fulfill the requirements for qualifying. After reading all the blog posts over on Flying Solo Eventing about the long format 3DE for lower levels and watching the online videos at So8ths YouTube channel I really want to try and do that.  Even if I only do it once and we complete it dead last I still want to experience that.  But you have to have completed four BN recognized horse trials with one being in the six months prior to the event that happens generally at the end of April.  That is the sticking point, well that and getting then keeping Fox fit enough complete a long format.  So I think we might be able to compete at the Heart of the Carolinas 3DE in 2017, two years from now.  That's if there aren't any drastic changes in my life or my job. I'll be choosing new orders in October and I have no idea where I might have to go. The job listings haven't been all that great lately but I'm hopeful that I can spend another four years at my current farm.  Here's hoping for the best. Keep it between the flags everyone! 

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