Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let the Fall Season Begin!

I've finally returned from my Navy command's yearly exodus to Florida. Which means it's time to get the fat red pony who has been lolling around the pasture for the last couple of months back in to shape and to work on that canter issue that we've been having.

So a long weekend for me having begun on Friday I loaded up the red beast and trailered over to a local place that has a big arena with footing.  It was lovely, all alone, just me and the red pony in a big empty arena.  There was cantering people! Cantering! In both directions on both leads!  Fox is still weak on the right but he picked up both leads when I asked without too much fuss.

This morning than anything else gave me hope and optimism for the future. We might actually be able to canter fences at some point before the year ends!

Now you might be wondering about the logo up top.  Recently I became a Rodan and Fields Independant Consultant.  Initially I joined to make some extra money so that I can take more lessons, go to more horse trials and outfit all my equines in a style to which I'd like them to become accustomed, think full sets of Rambo blankets.  I sorta got hooked on the free samples that my friend, who is also an Independant Consultant, gave me.  I loved how smooth and soft my skin felt after using the mini facial that K. gave me. So then I started in the business and got my own full size products and I'm loving it! I especially love the Soothe product.  A friend got a bad sun burn after forgetting her sunscreen on her way to a horse trial.  Within in 12 hours the burn looked like a tan!
If your interested in learning about all of Rodan and Field's great products and how they can help you get the best skin of your life comment on this blog post I'd love to talk to you.

What's up next for Eventing at Midnight? Originally I was going to haul Fox down to North Carolina to compete in the starter trial in October.  But I found out that both Dom AND Jimmie Schramm are coming to do a clinic about an hour from my house.  I CANNOT pass up getting two lessons with professionals that I respect and being able to commute from my house both days.

So along with perfecting our canter departs, doing strength and fitness work, we will be preparing for a clinic with the Scramms!

Keep it between the flags everyone!

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