Saturday, January 23, 2016

Naughty Pony Seeks Employment

I never really took notice of what was happening until tonight.  Due to my ugly work schedule I ride my pony sporadically during the late fall and winter.  Not the best thing for our riding, his fitness or his attitude but it's the best I can give right now.  It's not like Fox exactly has a hard or stressful life hanging out in the pasture, grazing and making googly eyes at the High Queen.

But it struck me tonight that Fox really does enjoy working and having a job.  Exactly how have I determined this?  Well for starters whenever I walk out in to the pasture with my trusty lead line Fox makes a bee line for me, stands patiently while I clip it on and rub his neck, then check to make sure he's still toasty under his blanket.  Our weather right now is particularly bad and I felt like the US Postal Service tonight when I clipped on Fox's lead line.  It was dark and the sky was spitting snow and stinging ice at us the whole time.  Not to mention the massive half frozen puddles from the rain the day before.  Lovely weather for a walk.

Fox thought so at least because he marched happily after me and only got miffed when I made him stand at the end of the drive a wait a couple moments.  Patience is sometimes not his strong suit though he's not nearly as bad as his heathen brother the Crack Beast. But he followed me without complaint and was entirely happy to pause at the horse trailer to grab a well deserved horse cookie.

I think my pony is just bored. Hopefully when my schedule changes this summer I'll be able to give him the employment he is certainly asking for. 

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