Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Hoof, No Horse

I'm pretty sure the High Queen has a hoof abscess from her little ballet on the drive way a couple of weeks ago. Which is just par for the course and making the Spotted Beast look oooh soo good right now.

But I still need to take care of the Queen even if the court jester is the better option for riding. So on my way home from work I stopped off at my local haven for all things horse. I love that tack store. It's not even the closest one to my house, its just the best. Of course the down side is every time I go in there I just want to empty my checking account.  I did however buy some supplies to treat a hoof abscess and the feed for the month.

It amazes me that a horse who absolutely freaks about getting on a trailer will stand quietly without even a second of fuss when I have to doctor her for any reason.   The first six months I had Seneca she morphed from racetrack princess to the clumsiest horse on the planet.  I know that it was just a racehorse making the transition to being a regular horse who goes out in to a pasture rather than standing in a stall all day but the accidents she had just about turned my hair grey.  In that first six months she got kicked in the chest and got an abscess, she collicked, she ran through the electric fence, she freaked and fell in the washrack, and she gouged herself under right eye, she still has a scar from that.  But eventually the accidents stopped although she was still getting picked on alot by some of the horses where I had boarded her at the time.

Nowadays she is the total ruler of the pasture.  The day we brought the Spotted Beast home then went down to my friends to fetch Seneca she went from being the bottom of a herd of five to ruler of her own domain complete with fawning, adoring younger brother to bow to her every whim.

I've to go give the Queen some more treatments so off with me to do the Queen's bidding.

(Her Highness eating her breakfast while wearing her stylish Gorrila tape poultice booty.)

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