Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rain is Not My Friend

K. came out on Friday to give the High Queen the once over.  The good news is there isn't an abscess. The bad news is Seneca may need shoes.  K. is trying to encourage me to put Easyboots on Seneca rather than shoes. But I'm just not sold on them, I'd rather have shoes.

And of course the minute the mare looked sound it began to rain.  The rain is not my friend. A friend to the pastures and the hundreds of pounds of grass seed my husband and I have put out to reseed the pastures but  not to me.  Because I want to ride and the rain turns all my riding areas in to swamps of mud and extra slippery grass.  And of course because the High Queen will not deign to travel in my current trailer I can't ride.

Thus ends my week of vacation that was supposed to be spent prepping for my mare's debut in to horse trials, and instead was spent treating her non-existent hoof abscess and cleaning my house.  Not a total loss, just not what I wanted to be doing either.

Lets see what next week brings. Hopefully a break from the rain although I'm not holding my breath on that one.  Spring in Virginia is nothing if not wet. 

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