Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When You're Down

Just a little burned out this week. I haven't ridden the High Queen in about two weeks. We've been working on Parelli stuff and I've been grooming her to her late spring, totally shedded out high shininess. The Spotted Beast is not quite shed out all the way and still looks a little ruffled around the edges.

So right now because the High Queen will not dein to step forth on to the trailer I have no plans, and no goals.  Thats always bad for me. I always need a goal to keep myself motivated. And while getting ye old evil bay Queen on to the trailer and having her be happy there is a goal I don't want to put too much pressure on that one. I know from past experiences with Seneca that if I put too much pressure on both of us it does not end well.

So what about the Spotted Beast?  Well he's 3 this year and while he's green broke, meaning I can saddle him, get on him, get him to walk around most of the time, and do some circles. We haven't progressed too far, and frankly I don't know if I have enough patience to take him from green broke to broke enough to go out and do things with.  Seneca was already broke when I got her, she didn't know anything about english riding or eventing, but she was broke and just needed to be reeducated. 

There is a biiiiig difference between reeducating a horse and starting a horse. Plus the High Queen is for the most part submissive under saddle. I'm not saying she doesn't test me, but she doesn't pull the antics that Cowboy does.  Yesterday was the first day I had been on Cowboy since December's impromptu lets go riding in the snow day.  He's always been good about being saddled and having me mount up.  He is not great about wanting to do the things I want him to do like turning left or right or stopping. Yesterday he bucked with me once, and reared up with me once. Not hard, or with too much enthusiasm but it was enough to have me rethinking starting him myself.

So as soon as I get the big crack in Cowboys right front hoof under control I'm going to be hunting a trainer to send him to. I would love to send him to an eventing trainer, but most of them are a fair distance from me and I kind of wanted to keep Cowboy closer to home. But we'll see. My ultimate, too fantastical to speak it out loud dream would be to send Cowboy to someone like the O'Connors, or Sinead Halpin(I LOVE her!), or any of the Advanced level eventers in my area. Living in Virginia does have a perk or two sometimes.  Proximity to an overflowing amount of eventers is one of them. But living in the furthest South East corner of Virginia not so many perks.

I'm just feeling a little down. It's raining buckets, I had to work last night from 2am to 5am, then sleep for a couple of hours in my car, then go back to work until noon. And of course sitting her I brood about not being able to take Seneca anywhere and the fact that my new trailer is still weeks, if not a month or so away.  Ah life in the Navy, it does inveritably suck sometimes. Back to my brooding and obsessive trailer searching.

Anyway that's the stuff for today.  Happy riding.

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