Thursday, April 28, 2011

Parelli Pays

Yesterday I beat the husband home (We have nearly the same schedule) so I immediately started cleaning the house. Last weekend I went to my parents house in NC so no cleaning got done then and I have a serious psychological block against cleaning when my husband is in the house. I have no idea why, but I just can't.  This weekend I am making a compromise with the husband and going to the NASCAR races with him rather than doing something horsey. So no cleaning this coming weekend either and I will have the daughters of my friend E, coming over to feed the menagerie in the evening.  So I had to, had to, had to clean. I can't stand other people seeing my house in its usual semi-chaotic disarray.

The High Queen and Cowboy were glaring at me from the back pasture which due to the horses being on it all winter is nothing but dirt, weeds and the hay feeder. The High Queen was not amused that I did not immediately escort her royal procession over to the newly fenced lush pasture. But the weather was iffy and there are no trees, and no shelter in the new pasture and if it was going to storm I did not want my two ponies to become lightening rods. So I cleaned the kitchen, organized, threw things away. Then the husband came home and since the weather wasn't changing I put the horses over in the new pasture, then spent an hour with the husband before gearing up to teach Seneca more Parelli.

I had been watching the videos for a few days and had most of the games down. So I just started systematically going through all the seven games. The friendly game, the porcupine game, the driving game, the yoyo game, the circling game, the half circle/sideways game, and finally the squeeze game.  The High Queen is good at most of the games, but unless I am using the fence the half circle game is confusing for her. She's been lunged in a circle most of her life so only going half way then stopping and going the other without the fence to tell her to turn confuses her so we have to work on that one.

But after going through all seven games I took Seneca over to our "bridge". All the previous times I had to lead Seneca up on to the bridge. But Parelli teaches you how to send your horse anywhere. There are tons of videos on the Parelli site of horses being sent in to the trailer on a long loose lead line. It makes me want to cry thinking of the troubles I have had with our trailer loading. But yesterday I was able to send Seneca up on to the bridge without leading her!  And she was very relaxed doing it. We are one step closer to trailer loading success. That and in 26 days I can start truly looking at buying a new trailer!  No more trying to convince the High Queen that the two horse straight with the mangers up front is a suitably wide enough space for her.

Bring on the three horse slant!

Happy riding.

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