Monday, November 7, 2011

A Temper in the Leaves

This past Saturday was spent in horsey  if not riding pursuits. Because I was still in a cast at the time the planning commitee got together I volunteered to head up the food for my trail riding club's annual Poker Run Trail Ride. Which was pretty fun. I camped out for the first time in my new horse trailer.  It was really cold(adjustments to heating and blankets needs to be made) and my husband didn't stay overnight because he had to work realllly early Saturday morning, but we ate pizza, told scarey stories, made S'mores and generally had a good time.  Other than losing sleep(never let your husband park the trailer under a pine tree that scrapes at the window all night in the wind) due to the noise and the cold, camping in my own trailer was awesome.

The next day I made sure all our trail riders had hot drinks and chili and just a fabulous time despite the chilly weather.  I did almost get run over twice by an idiot who thinks he is an expert rider, but obviously not since he almost let his horse run me over, once while I was on a fourwheeler.  I truly hate people who don't have enough sense to keep an anxious horse away from the pedestrian areas.

But seeing all my friends, and trail riders going off for a jaunt in the woods made me homesick for my own saddle and trail riding fun.  Saturday night I had to work, heralding in Daylight Savings Time is not my favorite activity, so I slept in way late on Sunday.  I did get alot of stuff done on Sunday though. Gave the house a once over cleaning, played with the puppy, went horse, dog and people grocery shopping, (my puppy now smells like coconuts from his  new shampoo!), and then hurried home to get a ride in on my horse.

I purposely left the Spotted Beast with access to the main and side pastures because I knew the minute my mare was out of sight he was going to throw a fit.  Sure enough as soon as I started off across the fields Cowboy started screaming and flinging himself up and down the fencelines.

Seneca was pretty good for a mare who hasn't been off the farm since last spring. She was very up, and anxious, but she went with few complaints. We just walked the edges of the fields that belong to the local farmers. Not a long ride but enough to convince me that I can handle riding Seneca off the farm without putting my healing leg in to peril.

On the way back when we got within hearing distance of Cowboy, who was still screaming, Seneca wanted to trot or jig her way home.  No Ma'mam.  Every time she would move faster than a walk I turned her in the opposite direction. After four or five times the High Queen got the memo about the speed with which she was allowed to move towards home. Once we moved off the farmer's land and on to my neighbors Seneca calmed even more because she's been down there a couple of times.

I thought for sure Cowboy was going to jump the fence and I'd find him wandering about calling for Seneca but he stayed where he was supposed to.

All in all a good weekend.

Keep it between the flags and hugs to all.

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