Friday, February 15, 2013


So the appointment is made. Barring any emergency calls on the vet's end my vet will be out on Monday to give the High Queen the once over with the xray machine as well as coggins, spring shots, a glance at her teeth to see if she's due for a float.

I am relieved that I can finally get the appointment done, but anxious for what the xrays might reveal. It could be that her arthritis as progressed past the point of her oral joint supplement and she'll need injections. It could be something else entirely. I won't know until Monday and it's scary, so scary because I don't want my girl to become a pasture ornament, and even if the vet clears her for trail riding and no more jumping I still at this point can't commit to a third horse.

My job is up in the air and I may be going to Italy for two years, which means I might still be able to at least go watch horse related events but my riding will be limited to trail rides when I'm in the states on leave.  It does mean I could meet my bucket list goal of watching all of the major 4* events, because Italy is a whole lot closer to England than Virginia, USA.  So that's exciting, and I might even be able to go watch the WEG if time permits.

So even though I might have to move several thousand miles away from my husband, family, horses, dogs, cats and farm for two years I'm still trying to look at the positive sides of it.

So until the vet report comes in, keep it between the flags everyone.

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  1. I hope you get good news at the appointment. Even if Italy isn't going to be full of lots of riding for you, it's Italy! So many great things to explore. Either way, hope for the best for you!