Friday, December 6, 2013

A Step in the Right Direction

It's hard to think about winter riding plans when the weather outside is a downright muggy 77 degrees. Although tomorrow it will start to rain and turn cold again.  But as Scarlett O'Hara says "I'll think about that tomorrow."  Today while it's warm and flashing back to spring I want to think about what I'll be doing with Fox when it really is spring.

So during some down time at work, of which there was very little this week, I pulled up my calendar and started browsing all the usual places that list horse trials.  We aren't quite ready to be looking at the USEA Omnibus, so I directed my computer first to the Central Virginia Combined Training Association to see what might be on their 2014 calendar.  Early I know, but some farms/organizations are just as obsessed with the new eventing season as the rest of us.  Low and behold they did indeed have a few trials that are done bi annually and usually around the same time every year.  Calais Horse Trials is an unrecognized event that is put on twice a year by the Level Green Riding School.  This is where I am aiming Fox for his first HT.  They have a fairly low key Intro course with no water, banks or ditches, the show jumping and dressage are done on grass, and its got a huge field to park horse trailers in.  The added bonus? I've been to Calais three times previously with different horses. So I'll be calmer and more comfortable which will hopefully cause Fox to do his plow horse routine rather than raging psycho OTTB. Which is a side of him I haven't seen yet, but then again I haven't ever taken him off the farm by himself except the one time I was testing his loading.  He's always traveled with Cowboy, hopefully he will remain his calm lovely self.

I have a few other horse trials I want to take him to with the culmination event being the Cabin Branch Horse Trial in May.  I'd really like to do Maiden which is 2'3" but if we aren't that far along or Fox decides to be a cow about traveling alone we'll do the GAG division.  But that is where I want to end our spring season, then work all summer and maybe at the end of the fall season move up to actual Beginner Novice.

These are all just dreams right now, dreams and tentative goals. But it gives me something happy to think about, to plan for, to work towards. It keeps me sane when work drags on and on and on.  Because right now with the warm wind blowing, and the saddle beckoning me to ride when I know I won't be leaving work in time to do it. Thinking about what might be makes me just a little happier about being confined to my desk.

Keep it between the flags everyone.

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