Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Star Struck

I had a few minutes down time at work and decided to cruise over to the Entry Status on the Carolina CIC*** page just to see which riders were going to be there. Can you tell how excited I am!

I was scrolling through the list and saw not only is Dom Schram(SQUEEL!) going to be there, love his and Jimmie's videos, but my long time idol, the one and only Sinead Halpin will be there with the phenom New Forrest Pony, Forest Nymph aka Farrah, but Sinead will be riding Manoir de Carnival aka Tate in the ***

HOLY GODS of Eventing!!  I have followed Sinead's career since I saw her on an episode of that short lived eventing series on HRTV. But I've never been able to make it to an event where I might actually see her ride without a TV or computer screen between us.  I am soooo excited I can barely stand still. 

There will definitely be some photo stalking and if I can get a chance to have my photo taken with Sinead, or lets face it I'd be just as happy with Tate, I think I could probably die a happy woman.

There will be lots of other famousy eventers there, Kim Severson, Doug Payne, Will Faudree, and what's that guys name again? Oh yeah Boyd Martin.  I cannot wait for my adventure to begin! 

Until next time I am definitely doing a happy dance between the flags! 


  1. Hey, we'll be there on Saturday XC judging -- come say hi! I'm sure my dorkiness will stand out. Maybe I need to bring the Smurf....

  2. I will definitely try to stop by. And I think COTH is sponsoring a fence at the show jumping and there was talk about getting all us COTHers together for a photo op with it. I'm driving down to NC from South East VA on Friday but won't be spectating (read photo stalking Sinead and Dom) until Saturday. Let me know, when you know, which jump you'll be sitting at.