Monday, March 3, 2014

Look Its Spring...No wait

And yet another try at riding Fox goes awry.  This past Saturday I had to work so no riding got done, though I did stop at the tack store on the way home and indulged in one of my obsessions, horsey socks.  I've become quite the conniseur over the years and I have my favorites but I'm always willing to try some new brands.  I picked out a fun pair to wear at the CIC*** in a few weeks, and a more working pair.

Sunday superhubs and lazed around in the morning ate blueberry pancakes and generally did nothing until noon.  At which point it was warm enough to pull the horses blankets and let them be naked for the day.  Superhubs and I pretty much finished the new run-in shed although Cowboy will be enjoying the sole use of it until his head has healed. 

Which is where the major issue of the day originated.  When Cowboy got hurt I shifted Fox over to Seneca's pasture.  I did not want to do this.  Even only sharing a fence line my two OTTB's are far too attached to one another. But it hadn't been a problem before.  Well Fox having been living with Seneca for nearly two weeks has decided she is the sun, the moon and all the stars.

So when I decided to ride Fox yesterday as it was nearly 70 degrees and there was snow and more crappy weather forcasted for the rest of the week he pitched a royal fit.  He screamed, she screamed, she raced up and down the fenceline despite Cowboy being in the pasture right next to hers.  At one point I had to turn Fox loose in one the empty pastures so he could tire himself out.  He raced around like a maniac for ten minutes then stared longingly at the other horses.  I forced him back to being tied at the trailer and when he still wouldn't behave I got the chain shank out and we took a little walk where I made him pay attention to me. 

At this point I knew I wasn't going to ride him that day and even lunging would have ended in an ugly argument.  But I didn't totally give up. I made Fox stand at the trailer while I pulled half his mane(something I've needed to do for awhile since he, like Seneca, has wild, thick, jungle mane) and afterwords we practiced his trailer loading skills.  Then I tossed him back in the pasture where he paced for a little while before settling down.  If the weather weren't so freaking crappy I'd put him in the furthest pasture from Seneca and leave him there until he remembers that the human is to be respected and life will not end if we lose sight of the mare.

Which is exactly what I will be doing as soon as the weather clears.  Solitary confinement may seem mean, but its better for both myself and Fox.  I have no tolerance for a herd bound horse and he absolutely wasn't like this when he was pastured with Cowboy.  So I know he can put his big boy pants on, its making him realize that he needs to that is the problem.

I made my hotel reservations for the CIC*** YEA!  And though my two friends probably won't be able to go I invited my mom who, though not a horse person, seems excited by the prospect of spending time with me.

Keep it between the flags everyone, even if they are encrusted with snow!

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