Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby Steps

I admit between work and weather I lost my motivation again for a little bit. But somewhere during my 24hr watch (babysitting the buildings so wild hooligans don't destroy it) I found it again.  Mostly I have to thank Facebook otherwise how would I have known that one of the local Pony Club's was having a combined test only about an hour away from me?

The event is at the end of June so not much time to prepare but I am at this point only taking Fox in to the Grasshopper division which maxes out at 18" and the dressage test is the Intro B which I've done a hundred times at least and there is no cantering in that test.  The sweet bonus? I can school the XC course after the combined test. WIN WIN!

This will however be one of Fox's first forays on his own and I have a bit of anxiety about that, wondering just how my super unmotivated but clingy pony is going to deal with going some place by himself. I'm thinking I need to trailer Fox out a couple times by himself and see what we see.

And a trip to Lowes is in order to pick up some landscaping timbers with which to make jump poles. The PVC as I stated previously isn't gaining Fox's respect and he just barely picks his feet up over them. Even though we will only be doing the 18" course I want Fox to start using himself more rather than just doing the Plow Horse Amble dance.

I could have chosen the 2ft division or Kangaroo division which if Fox's attitude towards picking his feet up improves I might still do but I really, really want him to have a good experience so unless he developes some springs we'll trot along over the smaller fences and make it a good day.

And of course no new endeavor should be embarked upon without a new piece of gear. This would probably be the reason I have something like 9 bridles and only one horse that is rideable for me. But that thought didn't stop me from ordering a new fly bonnet for Fox with a custom monogram for Midnight Hill Eventing!  We are going to look fabulous when we strut our hopefully calm and collected stuff at the combined trial!

Hooray for an attainable goal that will hopefully propel us on to bigger and more exciting things! Keep it between the flags everyone!

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