Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Goal

Originally when I made my riding plans for this year the goal was a big dressage show that is going down in the middle of June.  But as it grew closer and closer the situation became more and more obvious.  We weren't ready.  We weren't ready in the "my pony can't canter" a circle way.  

Oh Slugworth (his new nickname), can canter, when I am really aggressive with him and in no way does the shapes we can make resemble a dressage-y circle.   So I had to come up with a new goal.

I still want to take Fox down to the War Horse Eventing series at the Carolina Horse Park, but that is way, way out in like October or November.   I needed something closer to pour my energy towards.

I'm listening to this audio book that talks about the Universal Intelligence, God, the Powers Above whatever you choose to call it.  The book says if you pour your goals and aspirations out in to the world in a verbal and or written way that the Universal Intelligence will answer you.  

So just as I was thinking about needing a goal to work towards, something fun but challenging that I could do with my horse that wasn't out the realm of possibility or hugely expensive.  And, the Universal Intelligence didn't answer, or maybe it worked through Facebook to bring me what I needed but either way I have a new goal.

Last year I volunteered at the long format Three Day Event at So8ths called The Heart of the Carolinas. It was absolutely the best time I've ever had volunteering, great people, fabulous venue, awesome food.  I really wanted to volunteer again this year but Dear Daughter wasn't sleeping through the night yet and unfortunately Superhubs is the worlds heavist sleeper so I had to stay home.  One of the friends I met last year, also went to volunteer this year.  And while she was there she and a few others decided to put a clinic together to be held at So8ths.  With a trainer that my friend has been raving about that I had been thinking about taking some lessons from when Fox was a bit further along in his training.

On top of a fabulous venue, and an awesome trainer the price of the clinic won't break the bank!  There is only one little hurdle.  Fox isn't cantering fences yet and I need to be at or very close to jumping BN height with him to not be a total embarrassment at this clinic.  Thankfully the clinic is in mid-August.  So I have around 2, 2 1/2 months to get him there.  If ever there was incentive this is it.

So Slugworth is the least motivated OTTB on the planet.  He just really has no desire to canter.  So I got some exercises to strengthen his hind end and on the advice of several people I'm going to attempt to take the slug out hacking by himself to see if this might get him moving a bit more energetically.   I've hacked him down the road to the next farm on his own and he's been great.  So hopefully he won't turn in to a raging donkey-beast on the farm roads which are safer for hacking on. I want happily motivated not seething dragon.  So we shall see this weekend.  In order to ride I've to get up early and be done before Superhubs has to leave for work.  Motivation, motivation, motivation.

Keep it between the flags everyone!


  1. HI! is Thrill Factor (superslug!) your Awesome Again baby? if yes - DON'T GIVE UP ON HIM!! I have his half brother - and for YEARS we toiled, and we Pony kicked, and we sweated, me not him, and we got very little - I even put him in a field for a year, and rode someone else! BUT - there is a pony god!!! Fall 2016 he came out of the field, and went for a hack, and I sensed something different, so I took some rides, and some lessons, and low & behold - fast forward to Summer 2017 - we finished as Training Level Champs in our dressage debut with 4 shows under our belt, and a VERY different pony! I love him to bits, and I'm so glad I didn't give up on his wonder-slug ways - it just took him 7 ish years to get there!!!

    1. Yes, Thrill Factor is my Awesome Again baby. I’d love to know about yours! Thanks for the encouragement!