Sunday, December 18, 2011

Putting the Spots to Work

Although I haven't spent much time working with the Spotted Beast aka Cowboy since I had broken my leg last spring, and then trying to get the High Queen back to a modicum of fitness he was always lingering in the back of my mind.

He's way too pretty, and way to good a mover to just be an idle pasture ornament and sometimes trail horse. He's soooo going to event. But he's barely broke, and only just starting to understand turning and stopping. But he is an extremely quick learner.

So this weekend I gave the High Queen a break and we loaded the Spotted Beast in to the trailer. He's pretty much a self loader as long as food is offered.  We took him over to the park where I had trail ridden Seneca last weekend.  We let him loose in to the round pen and watched him do laps for awhile before I started reminding him about voice commands.

After working him for fifteen minutes we gave him a break then saddled him up and I got him in the round pen. He hadn't been saddled or sat on in almost a year. But he was calm, and seemed to be working well off my leg. He did argue with me once and almost smacked me in to the rails, but other than that he was fabulous.

In a few months when a spot opens up Cowboy will be going off to the trainer.  M. did the finishing work on our last ApHC youngster and did a fabulous job. I wanted to try and do all Cowboy's training myself but I realize between work and my healing leg that I am not going to have the time, and if I want to event Cowboy anytime in the near future he needs more than I can give him. So off to M's this spring.

I'll put up the pictures later this week so everyone can see Cowboy's awesome spottedness.

Keep it between the flags everyone.

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