Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stepping Out and Stepping Up

Starting on monday I have a couple of weeks of vacation time. What, oh what will I be doing with all that time off?  Can you here the maniacle laughing?  The High Queen can and I can envision her giving me a haughty "bring it on" look.

Today I started our new "we will be fit enough for the next step" training regime. Lots of trotting, long stretchy walking, and a bit of cantering.  I also threw in some jumping at the end. Nothing big or spectacular mainly because it rained buckets yesterday and the footing wasn't great, but also because we haven't jumped on a regular basis since this past spring. We're working back up to jumping courses again.

Part of the regime is also to trailer out to my friend E's at least twice to practice over her show jumps and trailer to an indoor arena to get Seneca used to working in that environment.

Why, do you ask am I getting the High Queen back to fitness and desentizing her to indoor arenas?  *jumping up and down with barely contained happiness* I am going to a jumping clinic to take a group lesson with an event rider who is riding advanced, and he's not too far away!  I've never ridden with him, but all his students seem really happy with him.  I've been wanting to ride with him for awhile, but either my horse was broken and or refusing to get in the trailer, or I was broken.

So this clinic is a test.  I have very specific ideas about what I want in a trainer. I've had some pretty bad ones in the past. I had a screamer when I was young, finally screwed up the courage to ditch her. I had a huntseat instructor in college who it always felt like she was nervous about her students jumping. Yeah that really inspired confidence, the only thing that saved it all from disaster was I had a really awesome horse. The first draftX I'd ever ridden. He always made my hips ache when I got off him, but he was so great. Steamboat was his name.  I had a trainer who changed her training ideas everytime I got on the same horse, and while I loved riding with her the arena we rode in always made me feel clausterphobic.

So now I will test riding with the new guy before he takes his stable to Aiken for February.  I want to start riding with him at least once a month. The distance is too far to do more than once a month but if I practice on my own we could actually make real progress for the coming year.  *bouncing!*

And the husband is coming along as the official photographer and videographer.  So in a few weeks we'll have our first post broken leg photos and pictures.

So keep it between the flags and wish us luck for the 15th.

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