Friday, December 30, 2011

In Which the High Queen Walks Home Killing My Dreams Along the Way.

I am pretty angry right now which is why I am not even looking at the pasture. Yesterday I decided to trailer Seneca to an indoor arena that is ten miles from my house.  It took me around fifteen minutes to load her, but still she got in, so off we went.

Seneca was pretty freaking fabulous at the indoor. She snorted and eyeballed everything but got down to work and was great. She was a bit bratty about giving me the left lead but that's the usual for her.  We even jumped a little.

Everything was happiness and sunshine until I went to reload her. OMFG! She wouldn't get in. She wouldn't get in for four hours. Then my husband came and we tried for another hour. She still wouldn't get in. It was at that point 8pm.  I wanted to call the barn owner and leave Seneca there for the night.  My husband decided to walk her the whole ten miles home. IN THE DARK! ALONG THE HIGHWAY!  My God I love that man.

Everyone is stiff and sore this morning. We got home with the horse just before midnight, and my poor husband had to be at work at 6:30am.  Did I tell you I loved him?

But here is the new problem other than the High Queen absolutely hates me and almost wouldn't let me put her halter back on this morning(I let her loose in the pasture naked last night).  And she's avoiding me, giving me the "I will hate you forever" look.  I don't know what to do anymore.  It took me a good two months to get Seneca to the point where I could load her and get her locked in the dividers.  What the hell do I do with a mare that I can't trailer?  *ARRRRRG!!!!!!!!!!*

Staring at the flags that are sooo far away.

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