Saturday, February 18, 2012

God Doesn't Give Perfect Days

I took the High Queen to her first horse trial today. Our dressage was less then stellar. Seneca forgot the meaning of "halt" and then proceeded to be a giraffe for the rest of the test. Stadium went pretty well after Seneca actually realized what we were doing. She refused the first jump but after that was great until we got to the far end of the ring.  There were all these empty travel chairs and Seneca did NOT want to go past the scary horse eating chairs.

Finally we got past that and tackled everything in the ring including the big scary jump with the brick look-a-like pillar posts.

Then we moved on to XC.  She was pretty fabulous, the footing was horrid, and there was a really ugly hogs back looking skinny fence on the course. She didn't even bat a lash at that, she did hesitate at the barrels jump, and horse devouring green gate.

We earned two shiny red second place ribbons for our efforts.  I watched the rounds of my new eventing friends and then loaded up the mare to go home.   In the exactly seven minute trailer ride the High Queen managed scrape up her butt, her shoulder, and gauged a nasty cut just above her left eye.  The only saving grace is that she didn't damage her eye.

*sigh*  Sometimes I think she hates me. 

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