Monday, February 13, 2012

Too Lucky to Be True

Mostly I blog about my horses, they are my love, my passion, some might say Obsession. But no horse person is an island. Even the amateur rider who only shows locally has a supporting cast waiting in the wings to help, and the professionals have a cast of thousands.

For me, a socially awkward, adult amateur on a budget my supporters are few, though the list is growing longer every day. At the top of that list is my husband of fifteen years. He's given up countless weekends, driven hundreds of miles, slogged through mud and rain to feed my horses, and not to mention the financial  output to keep me and the horses clothed and properly equipped.

So when Christmas rolls around I don't expect big gifts. Most of my gifts come throughout the year. I got three huge ones this past year and told my husband repeatedly I didn't need gifts this year. Because Christmas is the beginning of a three month gift train. There is Christmas, then my wedding anniversary in January followed by my birthday in February. So my husband doesn't have it easy.

This year he went above and beyond. At Christmas I received jewelry, and a beach holiday with my husband and my family. For my anniversary/birthday(we just combined this year due to time and schedules) I received a new show jumping helmet, new boots(A present to myself as with my ankle injury I can't get in to my old pull-ons anymore), and then hubs pulled out the big guns.  He updated the lighting on my trailer and built me show jumps. HE BUILT ME JUMPS!  OMG!  And he did the dishes, twice. I don't know what I did to diserve him but I'm am so happy. Thank you horsey powers that be for sending me such a great guy.

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