Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bonding and Bandaging

The High Queen has always been pretty good about being doctored. Which is handy considering how many times she's managed to hurt herself.

So while she's healing and I'm not riding I've been rearranging the jumps my husband made me for my birthday, installing the new jump cups on them, going over every inch of the trailer for sharp edges( I still can't fathom how she managed to cut herself so badly.) stacking our new supply of hay, and waiting patiently for the new eventing boots I ordered to protect the Queen while jumping.

Our next outting will be in two weeks at the Crescent Bay Pony Club again although it will be at a different venue this time.  We will also be going out at Beginner Novice this time as our first prep for the Virginia Starter Horse Trials.

We will also be going to a lesson with C on the day before the CBPC Horse Trial. Sooo excited about that.  So until we can ride again here are some pictures of the High Queen in all her wild glory.

Did I forget to mention Seneca also escaped during the horse trial?  Me and my friend J. recapturing the escapee.

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