Saturday, October 27, 2012

Into Our Lives a Little Rain Must Fall

I sit at my kitchen table glaring out the window to my left.  Why am I glaring out the window. Well it's not the rain from hurricane Sandy as the title of the post suggests. Although we are getting quite a lot of that.  No, it something far more cruel to my heart right now. The sight of my mare running and bucking in the pasture. She's running free and quite obviously not lame. Damn her. Don't take this to mean that i want her to be lame. I don't. But why oh why has she been playing this torturous game with me for the last three weeks.

I could have been riding this whole time. I could have been gearing up for the last horse trial of the season which is unfortunately next weekend and I have no chance of going. If it were a pony club outing somewhere really close I could go as unprepared as we are but it's Calais and I'm not even entered.

So what does this mean for Eventing at Midnight? Well not alot other than the season as far as competiting is over for us. I desperately want to take a riding lesson with Kim Severson who is taking over Chris's lesson duties. But that is a very expensive trip. Because there isn't just the lesson fee, there's the gas to get there.  It's a four hour drive round trip that is at least one tank of gas. So add the lesson fee 75$ plus the 100$ for gas.  And add on a bit for food/drinks. That's a 200$ trip.  Not something I can do right now.  Maybe in the spring.

But there are lots of dressage instructors around here and my friend Kate who's a Training/Prelim rider gives lessons as her second job. So that is most likely what we're doing this fall/winter.

Unless the mare-beast pulls another bait and switch. 

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