Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Darkness in a Dream

If you ask my husband he will tell you this same truth, I am the world champion of pessimism. So even though I haven't had the vet out to look at the mare-beast's back end I'm already plotting how to deal with the eventuality of her Seneca not coming sound enough to jump ever again. There might still be hope but it's really hard to see right now.

So what exactly is the plan if the High Queen must gracefully bow to the side of the stage as hopefully at least a life of being my trail horse? When I had some down time at work I wrote down exactly what I would want if I could have a 3rd horse. Because while I'm okay riding the Spotted Beast, he isn't mine, and every time I want to do something with him I'll have to ask my husband if he's okay with it. My husband is super supportive but Cowboy is his horse, I never wanted him, and given the choice at the time would never have bought him.  What is my next dream horse?

4-7yrs old
15.3-16.1 hds
Good movement

And because I can't help myself I was cruising through the listings at CANTER Mid-Atlantic and found this.

Too bad I don't have the room or finances to go get her. Otherwise I would definitely be making a trip to check her out. But there will be other horses. Maybe in the spring/summer I'll be able to clear the last bit of pasture and have room for a third mouth to feed, and maybe I'll be able to save up the purchase price of a new OTTB. But for now I'm loving on the mare-beast, letting her know rain or shine, jumping or no jumping, rideable or pasture puff I will love and keep her til the end.

Keep it between the flags everyone.

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