Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How Not to Ring in the New Year

With Christmas over and the New Year not yet arrived I ran off with Superhubs for a weekend away at my mothers house in North Carolina.  My Bull Terrier, Agate, got dropped at boarding because for me he is only a little crazy but in a house not his own with new smells and people he is more than most people want to handle. While Superhub's golden retriever went with us Agate got to spend his weekend  romping with other dogs and being treated like a prince.

The horses and my cats got entrusted to a new care giver.  My previous two feeders, sisters, are off to college and in their last year of high school. The new person is an old friend that I trust. Its hard for me to leave my horses with just anyone. Finding out one of my good friends did caretaking was icing on a sweet cake.

The weekend at home went great. I crowned myself queen of making the traditional chocolate silk pie, ate tons of food, argued over cards, spent time with everyone. Then I came home and all hell broke loose.

I swear all I wanted to do was go get the mail from the mailbox I had been home for all of twenty minutes. But on the way Fox came up to the gate I would need to pass to retrieve the mail. How could I pass up that cute face? So I stopped to stroke his nose, then discovered some horse treats in my pocket so fed him one. This, of course, attracted Cowboy.  I gave him a treat, then tried to give him a mint. *Sigh* In hindsight I wish I had ignored the cuteness and walked by.

I spent four hours in the ER, six shots for numbing, a bag of IV antibiotics and morphine, an xray, and the piece de resistance 12 stitches. On my right hand. Always my injuries are on the right. Anyway the gist of what happened. I went to give Cowboy the mint he thought Fox was going to steal it and he made to snatch it and tried to take my fingers with the mint. The funny thing? Fox hates mints.

God bless Superhubs. He was previously an EMT/Paramedic. He doesn't panic in the face of human injury/trauma.  He took care of me, called his work to let them know he wouldn't be in, I called my work to alert them to the situation, then more calmly than when I broke my ankle he drove me to the Naval hospital's emergency room.

So for the beginning of the New Year I have...*GROWL* another month to wait before I can get on my horse.Yipee. 


  1. Yikes! Hopefully you're feeling better soon!

  2. Carly, thanks! I'm already itching to get the stitches out and discovering the hardships that left handed people go through every day. Stitches will hopefully be out on Monday and if winter would ever give up then I'll get to ride in a couple weeks.