Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Snowpocolypse

This past Tuesday we got hit with more snow than the last time.  Last time was a couple of inches, this time it was closer to half a foot or more.  Not only did we go home early from work on Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday the bases were closed.  Which makes everything really sweet since my command had already granted everyone a four day weekend.  Six days off!  Woo hoo!

So recap over the snow-cation so far.  Yesterday as I was trying to sleep in a bit superhubs called at 5:30am and said he'd gotten our truck stuck in a ditch and could I send him the US Rider info.  If you don't already have US Rider I highly recommend it.  They will provide roadside assistance no matter what vehical you're in, whether you're hauling a horse trailer or not.  So worth the money.  Anyway, I got the info and went back to bed.  Where I tossed and turned for 20 minutes before texting him to see if he needed anything.  Pick me up.   Arrrg.  I throw on clothes then manage to get my car out of the driveway to go rescue superhubs.   US Rider, due the weather couldn't come out for a long while so he and I dug out our ancient SUV and managed to get the truck out ourselves.

Thursday I wake up to find that Cowboy has broken in to the hay shed.  Fantastic!  My bull terrier Agate had chewed a piece out of my aging mud boots, well I needed a good excuse to replace them.  And there is still tons of snow on the ground.

Here a few photos from my snow-cation.  Keep it between the snowy flags everyone.

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  1. The only good thing about snow is that it is great for taking photos of horses. Other than that, all of these blizzards are really bothersome. Gotta love those mischievous horses, they always find a way to break into things!