Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Castle and a Horse Trial Adventure/Girl's Road Trip

After the last Snowpocolypse Superhubs and I started taking apart the horse shed that we had thrown up in all haste to protect my precious bay pony from the weather. Why would we take apart the shed we'd just built? So we can build a whole new, even more fabulous one of course!

Seneca supervising the building of her new castle.

It's not quite completed but Superhubs used his day off yesterday to put up the cross bracing for the roof. So hopefully by the end of this coming weekend it will be 99% complete.  What is that last 1% you say?  Why a gate of course so I can transform the run-in-shed in to a stall in which I can capture beasts that would rather roll in mud the day before a horse show. Or in case some canterous pony decides to injure themselves. Again.  Why again?  I don't have photos of it but somewhere between feeding Sunday AM and filling the water trough for the boys, a total of 15 minutes mind you, Cowboy mangled his head. 

I went to fill the water, Cowboy ambled over, dipped his head down and when he brought it back up I happened to glance at him.  EEEK!  Blood running down his face, massive gash on his forehead!  WTFing HELL!

Trying not to be alarmed I grabbed a bucket of warm water, a towel, leadline and then went to catch the Crack Beast. Not that hard, that is one his better attributes ever since the whole 2 1/2 hours of trying to rehalter/catch him when superhubs got him as a yearling and I made the mistake of taking the old, crappy, too small halter off, Cowboy has been pretty good about being caught.   It might have had something to do with the copious amounts of treats I gave him to encourage his happiness about being haltered.

After I tied him to the trailer and really inspected the manglement I had to wonder how exactly he got such a nasty gash.  My only theory is that he tried to take food from Fox who disabused him of that notion with a flurry of hooves.  This unfortunately is the second head wound Cowboy has gotten.  Any more and Fox is going to be living solo in his pasture, and Cowboy will go back to living with Seneca.  Seneca may have left some teeth marks on Cowboy's body, but never his head.

I doctored Cowboy's wound as best as I was able.  He was not happy about me touching it, no small wonder, it had to hurt pretty bad.  Which I remedied by giving Cowboy a bit of grain laced with Bute, which encouraged him to be okay with me fussing with the wound.

So as you've seen by the title of this post I am going on a horse trial adventure/girl's road trip.  While Rolex is still on my bucket list is just hasn't worked out for me to be able to go.  But the Carolina Horse Park is hosting a CIC ***   YEAH!  And super yeah! Since it's only about five hours from me.

When I started talking about this on Facebook two of my friends jumped on board with doing a road trip down to watch this amazing event.  Soooo at the end of next month I will be headed south to enjoy a really cool event, awesome riders, fabulous horses.  I will of course tote my fancy camera with me and document the whole trip. 

Keep it between the flags everyone.


  1. Horses never fail to find ways to injure themselves. Have fun at the horse trial, be sure to take a ton of pictures!

  2. Hey, I'll be jump judging on Saturday at the CIC***. Say hi if you see a big dork in a chair....oh wait, it's a park full of horse people....