Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Update on Cowboy's Progression Towards Healing

Because I leave at a Gods awful hour of the morning that should be reserved for dreaming about cross country fences snug in my bed under the down comforter I don't get to see my horses very clearly some days as its too dark and a head lamp doesn't do my horses justice sometimes.

So I try very hard to be home before dark, I don't always manage it, but yesterday I made it home with just a little bit of daylight left.  I immediately threw off my uniform and tossed on farm chore clothes so I could go do Cowboy's daily wound cleaning.  That and his new, tougher, higher denier blanket arrived from Dover.  He's already mangled his other 150 weight blanket, it's not totally ruined but it's got some sizeable tears that will have to be patched before another horse can wear it.

I, like alot of horse people am a blanket nazi.  It has to last, it has to be tough, and it has to stand the test of Cowboy who is really the only one of the three who regularly tries to deconstruct his clothing.  Cowboy is now sporting an Amigo Bravo 1200 Lite/Medium blanket which is a 100 weight.  I like these alot. I have one for Fox, which used to be Cowboy's before he grew a bit. So far neither gelding has managed to destroy it.  So Fox and Cowboy have their Amigo Bravos, and Seneca is sporting on the cold but not freezing days an Amigo Mio 150 weight, 600 denier blanket.  Which is great for her, not too heavy, and she's never been a blanket mangler.  On the really, really cold days the boys get another layer, and Seneca gets switched in to her Weatherbeeta, mid-weight(250 gram), neck to tail blanket. I want to say it's a Landa, but can't recall for sure.  It's got a fancy diamond weave to the outer shell and so far it's been doing a great job.  Horseware is my go to brand, love the T buckles, and the durability (the Mio's not withstanding, but Cowboy is really rough on his clothes, so I'll give it a B rating), but I also love Weatherbeeta.  I have a turn-out sheet that I can't even remember how long I've had it, and as long as its not pouring is still doing a decent job of protecting the ponies.

But enough blanketing obsession and back to Cowboy's head wound.  Last night it looked, and smelled loads better.  The wound is starting to scab over (our recent drier weather has helped), it's oozing less fluid, and while there is still a bit of a bad smell it's not like the previous days where I could smell Cowboy from four feet away.  He still has some swelling in the area, but he's acting like the wound is a bit itchy. Cowboy tried to rub his face against my hands while I was cleaning him up. I'm taking that as a good sign.

Until the next bit of farm chaos, keep it between the flags everyone.

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