Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Lost the Battle but Won the War

After I calmed down from the anger and frustration caused by the incidents in the previous post I contacted my friend K. who not only runs a program to place OTTB's in good homes, it's the same program I originally got the High Queen from. Although K. doesn't know Seneca really well she did give me some fabulous advice.

K. basically said, "Nicole you are being too nice to her. She is your employee, she works for you, she has to do what you say. You need to tell her that and mean it."

I thought I had been, because I was pretty freaking mean when she ditched getting in the trailer at the indoor arena. But apparently not.  So the High Queen went back to "Trailer Loading Boot Camp."

And we had some progress in the first few days, but I wanted the horse I'd had in the beginning back. I wanted her to just walk on to the trailer no fuss, no pulling, no tantrums.  I wasn't sure I was going to get there, and then one day, we did
I could not believe it the first time Seneca just walked on behind me. Holy Crap! Am I hallucinating? But so far the new routine works.  She still gives me a "I'm testing you" moment the first time I point her at the trailer. But we just go for what I call a "leadership walk"  In which she stops, and goes when I say. And if she balks at the trailer she get's the business end of a yank on the chain over her nose.

This coupled with loading and unloading at least four times every time.  After I get to a new place we load and unload four times, when getting ready to leave we load and unload four times, and when we get home you guessed it loading and unloading four times.  Now the High Queen may still throw a tantrum the first time I ask but she freaking jumps in the trailer all "Yes Ma'am" when I ask the second, third, and fourth times.

Thank you K., and Thank you Horse Gods for finally giving my mare some sense.  If you are interested in getting your very own pain in the ass  lovely Thoroughbred please check out www.   These are great people doing a very much needed job and they are completely honest about each horse.

I will be riding at home this week, and then duh duh DUH! We go to the clinic next Sunday.  Sooooo excited. In less exciting news my stress level will go up significantly when I have to go back to work on Wednesday.  Damn work, damn job. HATE IT! But you know what my horse gets on the trailer!

Keep it between the flags everybody.

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