Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Time

It's funny that you make plans, you train, you pay the entry fees, and then life gets in the way. Over last weekend I visited with my parents. My dad has been sick for a long time and I didn't know how far his health had deteriorated until my recent visit.

I went home on Sunday and then Monday I went in to work and requested two weeks emergency leave and then Tuesday I spent running errands and setting up the house and horses for me to be gone for two weeks.  My husband is many things but a shopper he is not.   So I outfitted the refrigerator with foods he can cook easily, and hit the feed store to stock up so hubs wouldn't have to make the trek.

Which meant that I had to scratch from two horse trials. Thankfully I just emailed the coordinators and had my entry fees applied to the next horse trial in the series.  They were really accomadting, have to love the eventing community!

Dad's doing okay, but the rest of the family is in a hold and wait pattern, bracing for the worst.

So cherish the days you have with the people you have.  And keep it between the flags everybody.

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