Friday, January 27, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the Muddy

I woke up this morning expecting the same cold that the day before had held. My house was built in the 1940's and very little changes have been made to it. As in the AC is a window unit in the living room and a portable unit in the bedroom. The heat? Well the oil burning furnace worked when we first moved in but at some point it died and we just never got around to fixing it. And let me say whomever decided to NOT put insulation under the house so that the floors in the morning are iceburgs was a complete idiot.

So how does one survive in the semi-mild VA winters? With a fabulous wood stove and a WHOLE lot of wood. It actually works out pretty well and we've never been uncomfortably cold.

But today as I woke up at 0'dark something to feed the horses I put on my barn jacket, knee high mud boots, gloves, fleece hat and my ever trusty headlamp and then stepped outside I immediately realized I was way over dressed. It was nearly 65 degrees at 4:30am, in JANUARY! What is up with that?

And even if it was a bit windy it would have been a great day to ride except it started raining around 7am and didn't stop until after 1pm. There goes the footing in my riding area.  I could have ridden yesterday but honestly I had abused my still mending leg twice already that day with the Navy's Physical Fitness Assessment and physical therapy so even though I sooo wanted to ride I didn't think I would be able to walk the next day if I did.

But as I fed I pulled the sheets off the horses. Yes they would get we and inevitably they would roll, but it was just to freaking warm to keep their sheets on. Of course tonight when I get home I will have to groom and throw the sheets back on as the temp is supposed to drop. But I say let the kids have fun while they can. Sooner or later winter will remember where it is supposed to be.

The truck is nearly fixed, just waiting on the alignment and the exhaust to get welded, two things hubby can't do. Hopefully we can pick it up today and I will be able to haul somewhere with footing, or lights, or please horsey Gods both.

My plan to get C. here is getting closer to being concrete. We have a date, and maybe a location, we just have to pin that down and start filling the spots. I am going to take work off that day as our fab farrier K. is due out that day as well.

So keep it between the flags everybody.

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