Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mud is the House Wine of the South

One of my mother's favorite sayings is "Iced tea is the house wine of the south."  I am going to amend that to mud. Because there sure has been a lot of it in my neck of the woods lately.  It's either really cold and dry, or warm, wet and full of mud.

Since the fabulous lesson with C. I've been getting out the word, and coordinating with a new eventing friend that I met through the C.  I haven't met her yet, but she and I are going to a lot of the same horse trials this year, though J. is far, far above me in experience and skill. But it just means I can learn from her. But we are going to have C. come out to Suffolk at least once a month starting in March. Woo HOO!

My riding has been nearly non-existent lately though. Our big truck is down for maintenance, which I am totally on board for. If the truck isn't running, or running well then I can't get to the horse trials I want to go to this spring. So whenever I want to hurry my husband along with the repairs I just bite my tongue and think of all the places I can go this year.

So with the truck not running I am stuck riding at home. Which hasn't worked because of all the rain and mud which has made my riding area dangerous to ride in. The last thing I need is for the High Queen to get put back on the injured list.

I did get to ride her yesterday for all of 15 minutes before it got too dark. And other than one little bit of naughty head flinging she was good.

In other happy dance news I got two early birthday presents. Last Saturday when it was postitively pouring rain hubs and I drove up to Richmond to visit the tack shop up there. Why? Dunno we had nothing better to do on a Saturday and we wanted to get out of the house. But while we were there my little eye spied the super expensive helmet I have been coveting for over a year. I had made the mistake of trying one on at the tack shop close to my house and Gods was it comfortable. But the price tag was the equivolent of a car payment. I just couldn't do it. But this tack shop had one left, it was my size, the right color, and hubs got them to drop the price significantly. Happy Birthday to me!

The second present I gave to myself. After I started healing from my broken leg I realized that I was not going to be able to get back in to my pull on style field boots ever again. I just can't get my foot in to the right position without a whole lot of pain. So I would need zip ups. I don't buy any other brand of boots but Ariats. I love them, they are super comfortable and I have never been unhappy with them. I found a pair of Cobalt Crowne Pro zip fields on eBay for a sweet price.  Birthday present #2.  Now I just need to break them in before the combined test in March.

There are only two, maybe three things left on my wishlist for this year. A jumping saddle*sigh so far away from that* a new coat to replace the one I've been wearing since I was sixteen, and a new bridle for the High Queen.

Anway nothing else new to report. Keep it between the flags everyone.

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