Monday, January 16, 2012

We went, we saw, we rode.

Captains Log 2012 *G*  sorry couldn't stop myself.  So last we left I had won the trailering argument with the High Queen, and the clinic with my hopefully new trainer was fast approaching.  Where does everything stand the day after the clinic?

In a pretty good place actually. I was in the last section of the day and wouldn't ride until 5pm, but I wanted to go early and watch the section ahead of me to get a feel for how C. treated his students, and did he have an agenda that everyone was taught that day, or did he help everyone with their individual issues? Sort of a did I get a personlized letter, or a form letter that everyone got?

My super fabulous husband aka photo/videographer and I loaded up the mare at noon and headed out for the three hour drive. I've never driven that far for a lesson, but I was desperate to ride with C. before he headed off to Aiken(winter mecca for all things eventing)in February.

It wasn't too bad a drive, and the High Queen settled in pretty well. When we arrived at the lovely farm where the clinic was being held I apprehensively left Seneca in the trailer hoping she wouldn't kick up too much of a fuss, but I kept one ear cocked in the trailers direction just in case.  From what I first saw of C.  he is sooo great.  He's funny, knowledgeable, and not a screamer.  That last one is a big one in my book.

When it was 45 minutes til my lesson hubs and I went out to tack up the mare and get our camera equipment. The High Queen when I checked her was calmly eating hay. That's a new one.  Seneca was a bit up and snorty when she got out of the trailr but she didn't freak out being tied. I got all her gear on with almost no fuss. We then tagged after one of my clinic session mates and warmed up a bit then just walked around until it was our turn.

I did have a moment to worry how the High Queen would react to the mirrors. The other indoor I had taken her to didn't have them. But she was unfased. Hmmm me thinks the High Queen likes looking at her beautiful self in the mirror.  She did eyeball it once when the big paint gelding in our class passed the mirror and she saw his reflection. But it was more like "Whoa there's two of them."  Our lesson probably taught me more than it did Seneca.  It taught me that a previous teacher who told me my mare was short strided was wrong. It taught me I need to relax and let her go forward and not be scared of her canter. I didn't know I was but C. saw it.  I think I scared C. a couple of times when it looked like I was going to eat dirt. But I learned my stirrups need to be shorter, my seat more secure and we need a lot more lessons with C.

I am hoping to get eventers in my area together so we can get C. to come closer to us.  That would be soo awesome if I could get him to say, Franklin, VA which is a whole lot closer than Powhatan.  We'll see.

And at the end of the lesson, when the cold set in, it was all of 22 degrees, hubs came out in the arena helped me untack, throw the cooler on the mare, carried my gear. I sooo don't diserve him. And then the High Queen stepped regally back on the trailer.  WOO HOOO! I think that was the best part.

Keep it between the flags everyone. 

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