Sunday, January 29, 2012

What You Don't See

When I took my lesson with C. he pointed out several things that I hadn't realized. Like how I'm afraid to let Seneca go forward. I wasn't sure about that one until my ride today.

I realized when I was asking Seneca for the canter that I was actually giving her mixed signals. I would say go forward with my leg but I was pulling back with the reins. And then once she got in to the canter I would get tight and death grippy.

As soon as I became aware of it and stopped doing it Seneca started giving me the canter whenever. She would even canter when I didn't ask. This was sooo not the norm, but now I know I was creating the crankiness about going in to the canter.

I also hope that fixing this, being more soft and open with my hands will fix the jumping issue. Right now (we didn't do more than canter poles today) Seneca will jump the first jump in a line then kick in to overdrive and get flat and rushed to the second fence.  I think what I'm doing is getting a little nervous to the first fence, then when she gets over it I anticipate her taking off, haul back on the reins which makes her dive bomb for the second fence.

I practised with the canter poles today, and she was doing her usual. Then I softened and she was quieter to the second pole.  Thank you C. for opening my eyes to my own faults that were jacking up my horse.

Keep it between the flags everybody. 

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