Monday, March 12, 2012

Adhesives Make the World Go Round

I returned home to the farm last Friday evening, just in time to feed my horses. My husband left the job for me knowing it is one of my favorite parts of the day. So I didn't get a real good look at my mare until the next morning.  While her head has healed fabulously(now I can take her to the two HT's I have left in March without everyone thinking that I am a horse abuser), she dropped some weight while I was gone. Damn that OTTB penchant for dropping weight in the blink of an eye.

I had not realized how much the beet pulp I was feeding her in the evenings helped maintain her weight until I left for two weeks and didn't have my husband give it to her. I hate making feeding time a fuss for my husband, or anyone who is feeding my horses. And having to measure out then soak, then remember to give her the beet pulp on top of everything else my husband was doing seemed like too much.

Until I got home and saw the weight my mare dropped. *le sigh*  So off to the feed store to stock up on more beet pulp, rice bran, and alfalfa cubes.  The beet pulp I have fed Seneca off and on (usually just in the winter) for a couple of years, the alfalfa cubes(again usually just in winter) as well. The rice bran was something new.  I'm only adding about 2 cups per feeding to ease her in to eating it. Although she seems to think it's quite tasty. I tested this theory by offering it up plain on my palm and nearly lost a finger as she devoured the pellets, simultaneously shoving her pasturemate out of the way. Bossy beast.

I was not able to ride Saturday, and it was really cold anyway. But managed the time yesterday afternoon. The mare beast stood easily for grooming and tacking and was semi-decent for flatwork. Until I started asking for the canter. The left lead canter was a holy freaking cow moment. I prepared, then slipped my right leg back and Seneca literally exploded in to the canter. *BLINK*  Where did that come from? She has never given me the canter quickly or with that much enthusiasm.  The right lead was sort of eh. She gave it to me but only after getting the wrong one twice.

And then I started trying to practice the BN "B" test. Holy pull-fest Batman! The mare beast did not want to do dressage that afternoon and made quite sure I was aware of this by torquing her nose and yanking on my hands. We missed the departure mark for the right lead canter and it was just all ugly after that.

Okay sparky, lets try the new jumps since we are not going to be a happy dressage pony today. We argued for several minutes before I decided that fighting with her was getting me no where. I see formal dressage lessons in our future. The jumping was pretty good. She hopped over all the new jumps except the big scary oxer that I did not ask her to attempt. I could use the excuse of the still slightly crappy footing, but really I was just apprehensive about it.

What's crazy is that in any other environment, ie a HT, a lesson, or schooling with friends, provided the footing was good I would have done it. But at home with no one pushing me I am sooo the chicken.

We did however canter several jumps. I think that scares me more than anything else. It isn't as if I haven't cantered and hand galloped courses before. I've done it tons, it's just scary when you haven't done it for awhile. And I am totally showing my Adult Amateur side right now, but I'm working on my confidence issues.

This weekend it's off to PC mock trial. The last outing before the VA Starter Trials!  Woo hoo!  Seneca will be sporting her new bib clip.  Basically I clipped from under her throat down to her chest muscles. It's to help her keep cool since looking at the weather it's going to be in the 70's for both competitions. Plus I wanted my girl to look her most fabulous!

And to help that along I shopped a bit while I was at my parents, and a bit before.  I can usually halt my shop-aholicness, but when a big HT gets near its like I'm a runaway on a 4**** xc.  Weee ditch that rider in the water jump and gallop until they catch me!

So the High Queen has fancy new xc boots and stadium boots, I have a spectacular new xc helmet cover in my colors (navy and silver), a xc shirt in silver(thank you Kerrits! The only place I could find one), a new pair of breeches(I have an ongoing war with trying to find the perfect pair of breeches, whole other story), an extra stock tie, a snuggly warm vest, a medium weight blanket for the High Queen and a couple of other odds and ends.  Say it with me eBay is your friend!

But why, you ask, is the blog title talking about adhesives? I have a slight obsession with Gorilla tape. I have used it for pretty much everything. Last year I used it to help keep the High Queen's hoof meds on. I used it to patch both Seneca and Cowboy's turn-out sheets(even after a year in the weather and washer the tape never came off Cowboy's. I just recently patched Seneca's.) I use it to mark my storage containers with the contents of said container. And last but not least I used white Gorilla tape to tape over every conceivable sharp edge on the inside of the trailer. Wouldn't want the High Queen mutilating herself again this weekend.

No riding for me today. Work, damn you, is keeping me until 4pm, then I have to fight traffic to get home, which will get me to the farm between 5pm and 5:30.  Nope not gonna ride today, but I might be able to groom the Queen. I am hoping for an insanely warm day this week to give her a bath. Here's hoping. Until next time keep it between the flags everyone.

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