Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Breathe

Being the master planner that I am I took leave from work for the day before we left for Lexington, and the day after. The day before to run errands, organize, clean, pack, and freak out.  The day after I took for unpacking, destressing, and putting my household back in order before going back to the grind.

I took off the day before so that I could limit the amount of stress I would have getting underway on Friday.  But life, well, life just wants to not just throw me a curve ball, but a hundred, aimed at my head.

First one of the minions that work for me called me while I was trying to check out at the feed store. Which made me forget I was supposed to be picking up an extra bag of feed. *sigh*  The minion leaves me a voicemail which I ignore until I get super hubs back to work. He'd taken his lunch break to go with me to the feed store to get new boots.

I dialed my voicemail and couldn't quite understand what the message was. So reluctantly I called the office.  To find totally pandemonium. My minions in the 12 freaking hours I had been on leave from work had run amuk. Damn them.  So now I have the stress of having to deal with the immediate problems, then the added stress of having to deal with the minions in person when I get back to work next week.

So I take care of that and then get the rest of my errands run and head home. Where I then turn in to a whirlwind of OCDness. Packing, packing, packing, organizing, cleaning, packing some more. Super hubs comes home we head out again for some last minute items, then return to eat dinner.  While eating pizza I log in to the VA Starter Horse Trials website to see if the ride times are up yet.

Oh they're up alright, and even though I sent my entry in on the 15th of February they freaking lost it. OMG!  And the coordinators wouldn't answer the phone. I busily start texting my eventing friend J. to vent and she tells me to email them, and not to worry.  FREAKING!  But within an hour of emailing the coordinators get everything straightened out. *Big sigh, breathe in, breathe out*

It's now 10pm, why am I still awake?  Just too wired.  But now I am off to take a shower and try to get some sleep. Because tomorrow we are off to Lexington bright and early.  Good luck to everyone competing this weekend and keep it between the flags everyone.

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