Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wicked Anticipation

The days before we leave are growing shorter and shorter. And like every other eventer on the planet the day before they leave for a horse trial there SO much to do that it seems impossible to get it all done.  There is still packing, organizing, checking, and cleaning...good God the cleaning. Not to mention super hubs needs to put the inside of my trailer dressing room back in order. He's been putting insulation in so that the next time we camp overnight in it we don't freeze to death. Not that huddling together for warmth is in anyway unwelcome.

I rode the High Queen yesterday who was actually on the quieter side except for that one crazy moment when I was about to slather her hock with vetrolin linament and my husband chose that moment to come at us with the insulation board of death. 

We worked on the BN test we have to do in Lexington, and although I forgot to do the medium and free walk across the diagonal it wasn't too bad. Seneca is still being a mare-beast about the right lead, but I think I'll ask C. about how to set her up better for the transition when I see him for our xc schooling on Saturday. I am almost looking more forward to Saturday than the actual competition on Sunday. It will be the first Seneca and I get to school banks and water. Needless to say Mommy will be carrying the giant jumping bat when we venture out Saturday morning.

There are a lot of firsts this weekend.

First Time:

1. Riding at the VA Horse Center
2. Real xc schooling with Seneca over a full compliment of xc jumps.(we've schooled xc before just not any place with a big course, or more than a few fences)
3. Real horse trial competion with Seneca
4. Competing at the BN level (scared but game for it)
5. Stabling with Eventer friends (I've always been the odd man out, and never had other eventers to go to competions with)
6. Taking both horses on a long trailer ride (each have been on long rides, but not together)
7. Taking Cowboy to the trainer (it's been a long time coming, and can't wait to see how well he does)

I don't know how this weekend will turn out, but it should be a lot of fun, and at the very least a learning experience.  Keep it between the flags everyone!

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