Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jumpers Log

I let the High Queen have yesterday off. I abused my ankle pretty badly on Tuesday so I needed a break more than she did. Today I put the jumps back up from the low setting I'd had on Tuesday.  I didn't measure them, didn't want to psyche myself out. I only want to know the height of the jump after I've jumped it. Because if I've already jumped it and then know what it is I feel more confident the next time.

The mare-beast was pretty quiet today, of course it was 85 degrees too, combine that with the fact that Seneca isn't shed out and you get a pretty quiet mare. I did not press for too much dressage today. Nope I had my eye set on the really big oxer I'd set up weeks ago and hadn't jumped yet.

So I prepped by jumping all the other jumps first. Two were only about 2ft,  the other was larger and I hadn't sticked it yet.  When I'd successfully gotten over those I aimed for the oxer.   The first time, SUPER scary, but she went over just barely tapping the top rail with her hind feet.

The second time around she jumped it big and beautifully.  I even cantered a few, not the bigs ones, I'm not there yet. Someday soon though.

Later I went out and put a measureing tape on the jumps.  The big verticle was right at 2'6", and the oxer was 2'8"   WOO HOO! Grand Prix here we come!  Or at least Beginner Novice.

Keep it between the flags everyone.

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