Monday, April 4, 2011

The High Queen's Gift

Last fall I transfered from one job to another. It's the way of the Navy to never let you stay at one job too long.  My first job at the new command wasn't exactly what I expected and the hours were really hard on me. In the begining I had to stop often on the almost hour drive home to make sure I didn't fall asleep at the wheel.

Finally I adjusted and dealt with all the stress this job gave me, as I was still attending therapy sessions for the combat stress I came home from Afghanistan with I was able to adjust, adapt, and over come.  Then of course I moved to a different department at my new command and hello sweetness.

My new position is a lot less stressful and the hours are sooo much better.  Better because I get more sleep, AND I get more riding time.  Who doesn't want that?  So today was one of those freak spring days where it's 85 degrees, but it was super, super windy. Hmmm how sane was High Queen going to be?

I was game to find out. The day before she'd been a bit of pain in the butt.  I was a little hesitant to risk life and limb to ride so with a plan to lunge her instead I went about grooming the inch of mud off of her. But she was totally different today, standing still and quiet while I groomed and showing me the glimpse of the perfect pony that lived somewhere on the inside but was often hidden by the haughty queen.  So instead of lunging I tacked her up to ride.

And just to be contrary she was great. She did shy once and try to take off but she worked that bit of high edge out and was fabulous after that. The High Queen did try to dodge out of the small oxer like jump that I had built, but eventually went over. She jumped the warm up jump mostly soft without giving me images of steeplec chasing, and towards the end of the session we even cantered a few jumps which I hadn't been able to do with her in a long, long while.

Hug for the perfect pony on the inside, and a nod to the queen on the outside. 

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