Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner...except Mommy

This saturday is the Queen and I's horse trial debut.  I have been trying for months to get the High Queen to a baby horse trial, but loads of things, including the High Queen herself have gotten in the way of getting on the road.

But this weekend is it, we are going.  Gaps in tack and clothing that have occured due to over use, lost, or disuse have been filled, the Queen has been groomed, groomed, and groomed some more. We've worked on the trailer loading things as we can, though until we actually get to the day we won't know what we have.  New fancy shampoos, conditioners and sprays have been applied.  Sufficient training time has been put in, T. may be coming out to give me a lesson tomorrow if the weather and footing cooperate and schooling on friday at my friend E's fancy show jumping course hopefully will happen.

So nothing could possibly get in the way of a perfect debut.   Almost.  While Seneca is the dominant horse in the pasture she and Cowboy do a fair amount of back and forth stallion like play, ie rearing up at each other, nipping and chasing. Which unfortunately leaves tell tale marks on the High Queen's polished, show shiny coat.

I was willing to deal with the current marks, but when I walked out in to the pasture yesterday and found a half moon hoof mark shaped area of removed hair on the High Queen's upper leg/lower shoulder only a week away from the horse trial I decided extreme measures were in order.

So Seneca got moved to the adjoining side pasture where she will remain turned out by herself until after the show.  I don't want people to think I've been beating my pony, and I obviously can't trust the two of them to keep their hooves to themselves. So the babies got sent to seperate corners.

Cowboy:  3yr old, ApHC future eventing star.
Seneca's contribution to pre-show grooming was to give herself a mud bath. 

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